Hello everybody! Dreams need to be fulfilled…yeah, that’s what I was thinking about, when I stepped into the ticket office to buy two tickets for EDMANIA 2017 on the internet. EDMANIA is a festival that takes place in Trenčín, Slovakia, focused on electronic music. Many stars and DJs have already played there, but this year […]

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My Armin van Buuren experience

To attend Armin van Buuren concert is like to be taken on a musical journey which seems so emotional, so enjoyable. You forget about all your worries, your pain. You will never regret coming to his show. He is not the best DJ (#1 DJ according to DJMag for five years) for no reason. He […]

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Hello everybody! Whether you come to Krakow to relax, party or to soak up the history and culture, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The city’s numerous cafés, restaurants, museums, bars and clubs will keep you coming back for more. The downtown area is full of attractions, but if you’re wondering what the best free things […]

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Rogoznica, Croatia

Hello everybody! Rogoznica – pearl of the Croatian region of Dalmatia. Not only pretty beaches can be found there, but also many other interesting and beautiful spots worth of the visit. Rogoznica is small Mediterranean town whose centre is lying on a tiny peninsula, which used to be an island called Kopar back then. But […]

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Summer afternoon

Spent the most beautiful afternoon in the little village of Michalok together with my beautiful aunt ❤ Around Michalok are located many nice roads for running and cycling, dozens of trails in the hills and even a giant water reservoir, when you can bath during these hot summer days. More days like this one, please… […]

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Auschwitz – Birkenau

Hello everybody! The unassuming regional capital of Oświęcim was the site of one of humanity’s most unspeakably horrifying tragedies: the systematic murder of at least 1.1 million innocent people. From 1941 until 1945, Oświęcim was the home of Auschwitz, the biggest, most notorious concentration camp in the Nazi system. Today, Auschwitz is the most poignant […]

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Unusual night in Firenze

Hello everybody! Florence is an old city with lots of Renaissance architectural gems, but, surprisingly, also is a hot spot for great nightlife. Around the Basilica of Santa Croce, which remains quiet and spiritual during day, you will find many bars and restaurants open in the evening with a great, lively atmosphere. Explore the city […]

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Run for the Life

Hello everybody! Yesterday I attended Run for the Life organised by the biggest network of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Europe – Tesco. It was basically a half marathon and believe it or not – I ARRIVED TO THE VERY END SECOND! Well, the weeks of effort obviously did not go wrong…

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