Štanjel, Slovenia

Hello everybody! Štanjel is one of the oldest settlements in the Karst Region, known for its old village centre. It was named after the patron saint of the church, Saint Daniel. Due to its strategic location, the hill was already populated in prehistoric times and was fortified in antiquity. The Karst region boasts the greatest […]

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Hello everybody! Just 9km from a town of Postojna is little village of Predjama with its majestic interesting castle. Most of the castles are situated on a hill, but this was built in 12th century in the front of an entry to the cave. Its most famous resident Erasmus could thanks to this benefit resist […]

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Hello everybody! Share the experience of kings who have been fascinated by a view to the lake with an island and church in its middle, overlooked by a castle laying on high cliffs above the lake. Bled offers fascinating beauty and many people would certainly agree. It has always been a destination popular for kings, […]

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Tourism in Bohinj

Hello everybody! Autumn is a perfect time for tourists, especially in a gorgeous country like Slovenia. In this time of the year there are forests full of magical falling leaves and it‘s an unforgettable natural experience to visit and see everything with your own eyes. Julian Alps in Slovenia, with their enchanted forests are just […]

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Srednja Vas v Bohinju

Hello everybody! Srednja Vas is a picturesque village between slopes of Julian Alps in Bohinj in one small beautiful country named Slovenia. Among other municipalities (Bohinjska Bistrica, Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz…) is this the most astonishing and marvelous one. Whole village is picturesque with riveting architecture on every corner with various contemporary features which you […]

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Hello everybody! Bohinj is a rare treasure where you can discover Slovenian peaceful side in the reflections of magnificient nature. It’s inspiring place where the time is still synchronised with rhythm of the nature. Bohinj is also a place, where can people thanks to the calm and silence find their true selfs. It’s truly called […]

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