S-A-D #13 – Tower of London

//there were executed several wives of Henry VIII….// Hello! During its almost thousand years long history fulfilled Tower many functions: a fortress providing protection, comfortable palace and famous prison. Groundings of this impressive building built William the Conqueror around the year of 1066, when began to be built a castle with four towers, known as […]

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S-A-D #12 – Canterbury Cathedral

//center of Anglican Church and seat of Arcibishop of Canterbury…// Hello! Cathedral, which you will find on south-east peak of England, in town of Canterbury, is center of Anglican Church and seat of Arcibishop of Canterbury. It was built many centuries ago, but also in these days it´s an important dominant of the town, higher […]

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S-A-D #11 – Westminster Abbey

//in 1066 took place in Westminster the first coronation, when was enthroned William the Conqueror…// Hello! Westminster Abbey originally stood in wetlands near London. It was inhabited by Benedictines, which used to have around the year of 604 there a small church. Edward the Confessor then in first half of the 11th century started a […]

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S-A-D #10 – White cliffs of Dover

//famous white cliffs started to form 130-140 millions years ago…// Hello! Dover has been for centuries important port of south-east England. But majority of people don‘t recognize it because of its business side, but thanks to its white cliffs, what travelers coming to island from French shores by ferry from Calais see first. In sunny […]

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S-A-D #9 – Atomium

//this building, built at the beginning of the atomic age, voices a praise for human mind and technology…// Hoi! One from the strangest human works was built in 1958 for Brussels World’s Fair. It’s an iron cube built on the cutting edge named Atomium. Work of André Waterkey was supposed to be only a temporary […]

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S-A-D #8 – Palace of Versailles

//Louis XIV. (1643-1715) enjoyed his residence here that much, that he made it the seat of the Court…// Bonjour! Only few kilometres from Paris had Louis XIII. built a small hunting lodge. Later he got to like it that much, that he started to glamourize this stone and brick lodge and spent there more and […]

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S-A-D #7 – Centre Georges Pompidou

//inside this at the first glance striking metal complex is a museum…// Bonjour! In the head of Georges Pompidou, occupying the presidental post in the years 1969-1974, originated an idea that would be good to create a cultural center, which would be able to cover contemporary and modern art. Thus was created by proposals of […]

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S-A-D #6 – Arc de Triomphe

//model for this arch, of course, were old Roman buildings…// Bonjour! Napoleon, at that time Emperor, after a victorious battle near Austerlitz in 1806 decided with a conclusive force to build an arch of triumph in honor of his victorious troops. A model for this arch, of course, were old Roman buildings, under which proudly […]

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S-A-D #5 – Louvre

//since 1790 works basically only as a museum…// Bonjour! Louvre, known as one of the most famous museums worldwide, was in the 12th century built as a stone fort. They located it to the southern part of the Paris to protect the village from Channel conquerors. However, in the past few centuries was surrounded from […]

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S-A-D #4 – Notre Dame de Paris

//One of the most important events in the world history took place in Notre Dame…// Bonjour! Between the walls of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral takes place the story of Victor Hugo called The Hunchback of Notre-Dame about unfortunate and hunchbacked guy, but the real history of the building itself is also full of unexpected turns […]

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