Christmas market in Krakow

Hello everybody! The beautiful city of Krakow is usually draped in snow during the festive season, making Krakow Christmas Market an even prettier sight for visitors. Rynek Glowny, which is the huge market square in the old town’s centre, provides the setting for the Christmas Market and is largely filled with wooden stalls offering a […]

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Grocery haul from Poland!!

Hello everybody! Another day, yet another haul…haha. I love grocery hauls and I also love shopping for the different types of food and meals in all the countries I visit. So here…here is a brief Polish one. Do you know this great caramel chocolate bar called Twix? Well, this is a spread made of it, […]

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Hello everybody! Tired of sightseeing on the ground under the obtrusive sunlight? Well, then try exploring world under the Earth surface. Located 135 meters underground, the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine in southern Poland entered into the UNESCO First World Heritage List in 1978 and was also proclaimed a Historical Monument by the President of the […]

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Hello everybody! Whether you come to Krakow to relax, party or to soak up the history and culture, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The city’s numerous cafés, restaurants, museums, bars and clubs will keep you coming back for more. The downtown area is full of attractions, but if you’re wondering what the best free things […]

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Auschwitz – Birkenau

Hello everybody! The unassuming regional capital of Oświęcim was the site of one of humanity’s most unspeakably horrifying tragedies: the systematic murder of at least 1.1 million innocent people. From 1941 until 1945, Oświęcim was the home of Auschwitz, the biggest, most notorious concentration camp in the Nazi system. Today, Auschwitz is the most poignant […]

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Lake Solina

Hello everybody! Solina is a lake powered by many stream flowing down the surrounding hills. Lake lays in south Poland, near border with Slovakia and Ukraine. You can get there from many roads (from south, north, east & west). Biggest town around is Polanczyk which is also one of the biggest destinations there. It’s full […]

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