All I Want

All I want is nothing more To hear you knocking at my door ‘Cause if I could see your face once more I could die a happy man I’m sure When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside I lay in tears in bed all night Alone without you by my […]

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Austrian Airlines experience

Hello everybody! This was my very first time flying with this company and except short delay was everything fine and I can’t be more contented. Online check-in works, each employee of Austrian on the airport is willing to help you if something is not ok. The instructions were sufficient and mainly, the crew was nice […]

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Hello everybody! Oh well, another travel diary! Next few articles will be dedicated to my little trip to Brussels last week. And what a week had it been! Four days abroad, some free days of autumn holidays and then prom…no wonder that I’m literally dying right now, haha. The first one coming immediately! definitely my […]

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10 great legendary fall movies

“But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light […]

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I’m back!

Hello everybody! I’m sorry for not posting anything for almost a month, but so much have been going on! Many positive and negative situations appeared, I almost lost one great friend, had some mental breakdowns etc etc. But today…after I found out I suffer from rheumatism…I’m finally back, probably (and hopefully) stronger than ever before […]

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I’m sorry

I’m really sorry for not posting much in the past weeks, but I don’t feel well. I hope I will be able to compensate it to you soon.

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