Rouen, pt.3

Hello everybody! From the Palace of Justice is now just on a jump to the Place du Vieux Marché, where in 1431 was burned Joan of Arc. Square isn´t created by empty open space as if you expected. In the middle is Church Jeanne d’Arc, built in 1979. On his place stood another church once […]

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Rouen Cathedral

Hello everybody! Here was written a long post, I have no idea why it has disappeared, and because I don´t know what did I write there (I don´t pre-write articles), I just reupload all the photos again 😦

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Rouen, pt. 2

Hello everybody! I recommend to begin this city tour in front of Notre Dame, because on the opposite side of the road is an information center and you will find it very easily, it´s visible from all sides because the tower (151 meters) is the tallest church tower in France, in the 19th century was […]

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Rouen, pt. 1

Hello everybody! Wanders through Normandy is good to start in the capital of Upper Normandy, Rouen. You can find there pretty cheap and decent acommodation, the most visited sites of Normandy are from there readily available and in addition the town itself is interesting and picturesque. It´s divided into two halfs by the Seine river, […]

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Le Mont-Saint-Michel, pt.2

Hello everybody! The island has a long history. Once upon a time was the knoll connected to the mainland by dense forest and druids performed sacred rites there. Celts buried there dead. Romans used to call the hill a ,,Bury mountain”, according to legend, there is supposedly buried Gaius Julius Caesar. In the 5th century […]

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Étretat Beach

Hello everybody! Étretat is best known for its cliffs, including three natural arches and the pointed “needle”. These cliffs and the associated resort beach attracted artists including Eugène Boudin, Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet, and were featured prominently in the 1909 Arsène Lupin novel The Hollow Needle by Maurice Leblanc. Two of the three famous […]

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Le Mont-Saint-Michel, pt.1

Hello everybody! /part one/ In the southwest of Normandy it is the third most visited place of France, granite hill of Mont Saint Michel, which stands in the middle of bay up to the 80 meters. At the morning is surrounded by sand and mud and the in the afternoon in the time of high […]

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Hello everybody! Normandy coast is tempting with steep cliffs that stretch for more than 120 km. They are located northern the port of Le Havre and were created by sedimentation and dissolution of white rock called alabaster, therefore called the alabaster coast. Highest rocks are near the town of Fecamp, but the most beautiful in […]

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