Hello everybody! City, Clerkenwell and Holborn are parts of London on the north side of the River Thames, as well as other city parts I presented before. Bank of England Museum – is a museum of english bills and their evolution. You can also heft a gold brick worth 86 000 pounds. It’s on Bartholomew Lane […]

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Bloomsbury/Covent Garden/Soho

Hello everybody! This is a continuation of the London sights serie with some pretty places where you should go! All Saints – is a church with the most extravagant detailing in London. It’s on Margaret Street 7 in Soho. Entry is free. Fo Guang Shan Temple – is a Buddhist temple in the opposite of All Saints […]

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Westminster/St James’s/Mayfair

Hello everybody! Westminster is probably the most famous part of London, because the most famous sights and interesting places are in. When you go there (and to St Jame’s and mayfair, too), you probably don’t know prices of entries, or where exactly they are. Here I write everything you have to know about them, so when […]

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Hello everybody! Today I’m posting a guide of sights in the parts of London called Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. I hope you will get some inspiration from it where to go in London! Albert Memorial – is a statue dedicated to a husband of The Queen Victoria. It’s in Kensington in Kensington gardens. An entry costs 5 […]

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London – guide

Hello everybody! London is one of the biggest cities in the world. But it isn’t just a city, it’s a notion, because London by the years became a dreamplace for millions of people, who try to find better life there. Traffic site is very dense, you can stay there stuck in traffic for hours. When […]

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