Christmas market in Bolzano

Hello everybody! Chains of light, festoons, the sweet flavour of cinnamon and Christmas bakery in the air, solemn Christmas songs all over…this is how the centre of Bolzano presents itself in Christmas time. Every year from the first December weekend to Christmas Eve, Piazza Walter is venue for a very special Christmas Market. Some 80 […]

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Cinque Terre

Hello everybody! Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza. Three of five villages known for the colourful little houses located on the shore of Ligurian sea in Italy. This year I have visited them already two times and enjoyed both visits (even except those massive crowds of people). The first article is here: Cinque Terre.  Let’s begin! 🙂   […]

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Sunset in Mazzanta, Italy

Hello everybody! Located just few kilometres off the centre of quite large Italian municipality of Livorno, this beautiful village with even more gorgeous beach will offer you more than just good conditions for bathing throughout the day and partying all night long. Or basically…woala, my obsession with sunsets.

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17 Italian Meals You Have To Try

Hello everybody! Pizza, spaghetti, and gelato are delicious – but they only scratch the surface of Italy’s diverse culinary offerings. With countless regional dishes and an impressive panoply of street food, it’s a disservice to limit yourself to the typical tourist diet. Here are some terrific, less known Italian dishes you need to try on […]

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San Gimignano

Hello everybody! In the age of the Renaissance, Tuscany was the center of the Western World. Its towns and cities grew insanely wealthy from a dense network of trade routes that spanned the Mediterranean and continental Europe. Florence, Sienna and Pisa are home of some of the most iconic architectural and artistic marvels of Italy. […]

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A couple of tweaks from Italian Lidl

Another grocery haul woohoo! This time I bring you a few treats from Lidl Italia typical for this country that you really cannot leave out while passing by.   Panna Cotta with caramel…oh gosh, this thing is unbelievably tasty. It tastes great also with raspberry topping   Chocolate mousse…surely worth of trying..   I haven’t […]

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Hello everybody! If you have time to see only one hill town while you’re in Tuscany, Volterra gets my vote. What? Not San Gimignano? Well, San Gimignano is nice for those who love huge crowds of foreign tourists surging through cramped streets…These days, until the furor dies down, the most beautiful thing about San Gimignano […]

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Unusual night in Firenze

Hello everybody! Florence is an old city with lots of Renaissance architectural gems, but, surprisingly, also is a hot spot for great nightlife. Around the Basilica of Santa Croce, which remains quiet and spiritual during day, you will find many bars and restaurants open in the evening with a great, lively atmosphere. Explore the city […]

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