EUROTRIP 2017 pt.2!

Hello everybody! Another Eurotrip this year, woohoo! This time a bit shorter, but who cares! We saw many pleasurable places anyways. Day 1 10.10.2017 travelling in bus all night long, in the morning arriving to our first destination – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. Well, I bet you already noticed my […]

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DAY 1: Disneyland

Hello everybody! After 25 hours in the bus (yeah, you read it right – we had to travel 25 hours before reaching our final destination) we finally arrived to Disneyland. It could be around 8am in the morning and the weather was a bit chilly. But who cares? We were about to fulfill our dreams […]

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Day 1 28.3.2017 travelling by bus all night long, in the morning arriving to the beautiful Austrian town of Innsbruck. We visited picturesque Ambras Castle, got up to the mountains by a cableway Seegrubenbahn and did some sightseeing in the town. Of course, we couldn’t forget the shops and also spent some hours in stores […]

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Francophonie Day!

Hello everybody! Francophonie Day is here! Yesterday (19.3.- yes, I’m writing it a bit later) we were preparing the local manor house for this event basically the whole afternoon and evening and now when it’s all done, we’re going to enjoy it! How did it all run? 8:22 – just woke up! no school today […]

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Preparing for the Francophonie day

Hello everybody! 20th March – the Francophonie day But do you actually know what Francophonie day is? On March 20, 1970, in a city 2,435 miles from Paris and a country a continent away, International Francophonie Day was born. The Niamey Convention in Niger’s capital city marked the first of what would become an annual […]

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Christmas market in Paris

Hello everybody! December is a special time in Paris, when days are short and you bundle up for the cold to stroll down busy streets or enjoy the lights twinkling along the Seine. Enjoy adventures from listening to beautifully sung chorals at Notre Dame, to ice skating at the Hotel de Ville to visiting the […]

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