Děčín Castle

Hello everybody! Following the last article, this one is about the famous sight in the Czech town of Děčín, the edificial Děčín Castle. Děčín Castle is probably the most popular tourist attraction in the town. Built on a hill near the town centre and overlooking the Labe river, the castle has enjoyed an extremely varied […]

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Hello everybody! Děčín is a nice city in the valley of the Elbe, close to the main railway connecting Saxony and Prague. Before World War II, most of the inhabitants were ethnic Germans. After the war most of the German population was driven out, fled or was resettled and the new communist government redesigned the […]

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Prague – Day 3

Hello everybody! Because I´m a good cook (maybe even a chef haha), we managed to have the greatest breakfast ever. Then we took metro, some tramways and after such a long time finally arrived to the Prague ZOO. We bought a map (yes, you do have to buy a map but it´s not that expensive) […]

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Prague – Day 2

Hello everybody! After a long, great sleep (and waiting for others because they aren´t morning birds like me) we got ready to head out for breakfast and to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Prague, radio tower Petřín. From a tramway station Újezd are two ways to go up to the hill. Either you […]

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Prague – Day 1

Hello everybody! So on Thursday evening we managed to take on the train from our small town, in one city we got into another one with beds (RegioJet Trains) and on the next morning we were on the Prague main station. Really fast recapitulation of that night in train though. We took our suitcases and […]

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Prague in 3 days – diary

Hello everybody! Backpacking trip with train just with few of your best friends – dream of every traveler. Some weeks ago me and my friends decided to visit one and only, unique Prague. We spent there 3 whole days (left our town on Thursday afternoon and came back on Monday afternoon) and had great time […]

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