My Resolutions For 2019!

If this is not the cheesiest article of the year, then I really don’t know.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

As people tend to indulge themselves in various different not very beneficial habits and customs, trying to create a list of resolutions by the beginning of the new year, so you can make the most out of at least a couple of months, is not that redundant as some people may think. I like to do it since I’m quite pig-headed and I always finish things I start with, but some people might just well need some motivation. And is there a better motivation that being able to say you’ve tried to do something about yourself, overcome yourself, and even succeeded in it (at least partially) by the end of the year?

Enough of unnecessary talking, let’s get onto my list of resolutions….and trust me, it will be much more varied than it was last year!

Oh, and what are your resolutions for 2019?? Let me know.

  • Get my English and Dutch to C2 level and make it official

I’m not that far by now from achieving my life goals, and I’m super happy about it! After accomplishing these two examinations, I want to move further and learn Swedish language and Russian alphabet. And later…huh, who knows, we’ll see what this year brings by!

  • Enroll to my dream university and get a bursary

I’m aware of the fact I have to work hard for this, but I swear, I AM GONNA MAKE IT. God help me (and everyone) if I won’t, haha.

  • Be more concerned about my family and friends and do not leave them behind

This resolution partially interferes the first one since achieving those niveaus require my total devotion, but maybe I should try to speed up other activities so I will have more time for both these desires.

  • Be even more indifferent towards my pesky haters

Would you believe some people wish me death? One more reason to get the hell out of this place and move on to the next chapter of my life.

  • Try to make my immune system…huh…more effective?

I’ve been having problems with my immune system as far as I remember and I want to change it this year. I feel like I’m already on the right path since I’m not sick as often as I used to be, but still. I need to do something about it.

  • Read more literature

I haven’t had time for a book for so long! Of course, except the books I study from. It makes me feel sad that days are only 24 hours long and some beautiful pieces of literature are just beyond the scope of those 24 hours in my life.

  • Get my biggest music dream ever that I carry with me since I was a little child fulfilled

I NEED to experience Swedish House Mafia live! I’ve been craving this for years, my heart is full of joy now after the official announcement of their reunion.

Well, this is probably all I wanted to say about my resolutions for 2019….now take a look at those from 2018 that are in operation even today!!

  • Learn to love myself

I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT!!! Finally, after so many years alive, I learnt to completely accept and love myself and I’m so proud of it!

  • Stop caring about what people say about me

I should not be so happy that I’m so stolid right now, but I am!

  • Be more productive and study more

I’m absolutely contented with how this one turned out!

  • No sugar

I quitted junk food and sweets and replaced them by lots of fruits, nuts and vegetables!

  • Get rid of toxic people

Some unexpected people turned out to be toxic as well, and I happily got rid of them.

  • Be more with my family

I’m also completely happy about this one too, I found out my grandma is a really interesting lady!

So, to sum it up, 2018 has been pretty successful. In last article (My 2018) you can read about all my travels during that year, in this one I approach it from more personal side.

I hope that 2019 will be as good in acquiring knowledge and experiences as 2018, I really do! It’s gonna be a HUGE year, hence I hope everything will turn out well!

Lots of health, joy, love, success to you all!

Thanks for reading and have a great day. ❀


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