Kicking off the Christmas season in Kosice, Slovakia

Hello everybody!

Forget the stress and all your troubles and visit this lovely city in Eastern Slovakia, Kosice to soak up the true Christmas atmosphere, celebrate and enjoy life in the beautifully decorated narrow historical streets and the Christmas markets especially.

Until December 23, you can enjoy the most favourite Slovak winter delicacies which are indispensable for this period at the Christmas market right in front of the Aupark shopping centre. Mulled wine, original traditional potato pancakes “lokše” and “langoše” with variety of fillings, roasted sausages, chicken rackets, honey cakes or, of course,  mead brandy, hot punch and hot toddy are amongst the fare served at the numerous food and drink stalls. In addition, you can take a little present for your loved ones. Giant Christmas tree, children’s caroussel or rich accompanying program won’t be missing, too!

When the mulled wine or punch won’t warm you up enough, come to Aupark (or basically in front of it to be more exact) to dance and sing. All the Christmas markets desperately need at least a very little stage with live music, right? Sound fun!

These markets are open daily from 10am to 11pm, but I honestly recommend you to not to visit it before sundown (around 4pm), because during the day it’s…well, quite boring and not as beautiful as in the evening.


So what to expect for the next three upcoming saturdays?


  • 16:30 – Christmas program of dance center Outbreak and dance group Who’s that kidz
  • 17:00 – JANAIS



  • 16:30 – “Mikuláš” with candies for kids and short culture program
  • 17:00 – amazing Katarína Koščová



  • 16:30 – performance of the Children’s Choir
  • 17:00 – Jungle Label


Well, what are your thoughts about this? Would you like to see it personally or do you consider it not worthy of your visit?

When? From 25th November 2017 to 23rd December 2017


the photos are quite messy because it was raining a bit, I’m sorry


trdelniiiik! ❤


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