10 things to do in Brussels at night

Hello everybody!

Witness the cosy city of Brussels come alive as the evening sets in. If you are looking for an incredible night out with friends, then Brussels is definitely the place for you. Get ready to visit Brussels and indulge in the myriad after-hours entertainment activities in the city.  It is not only Belgian beer and traditional pubs that await night lovers, there is also a pulsating jazz scene and an abundance of contemporary nightclubs.

In this article I listed a few spots certainly worth of trying.



Entering L’Archiduc will make anybody think twice about where they are going: ring a bell on the street and then enter through a steel bubble swing door.

This spins you into another world, an art deco room with high ceilings, a half-moon balcony and piano in the middle. This unique night spot has long been famous for its jazz sessions where talented artists play from the world over and even Miles Davis joined in on one occasion. Today’s popular sessions are Saturday’s “Jazz After Shopping” and Sunday’s “Round About Five”.


Taverne Greenwich

As one of Brussels’s great art nouveau institutions, the centrally placed Taverne Greenwich is perfect for enjoying two great Belgian qualities: architecture and beer.

However, the atmosphere is not as loud as the architecture – it is known as the “quiet bar” after the checkered tabletops dedicated to chess that are popular with chess-playing regulars. This bar rarely gets raucous apart from the occasional Friday night when there’s tango dancing.



As unique as the name implies, Bazaar’s rich and lively restaurant and bar sit on the brick arches of the nightclub below.

The arabesque decorations and Moroccan red give the interior an infectious buzz that is complemented by an upbeat playlist. The combination of bar, restaurant and club makes Bazaar slightly, but not much, quieter than some of Brussels’s larger clubs. Nevertheless, it makes the perfect all-in-one venue for drinks, dinner and dancing.


Fuse VIP

Fuse is Brussels’s home of hedonists and every Saturday night sees ever larger crowds dance to legendary DJs.

European electro is the theme and Saturday nights often last until 7am on Sunday morning, so be prepared. VIP rooms are available and during weekdays the venue, known as Blaes208, can be hired for exclusive events and parties.


La Bellone

It is almost worth visiting La Bellone simply for the setting: a grand baroque façade opens onto a courtyard covered with a glass roof.

This is the perfect intimate setting for the theater, dance, opera and circus performances that are hosted regularly throughout the year.


Cinema Galleries

Known for screening art house films, Cinema Galeries offers a diverse program of films and hosts several exhibitions, events, and notable artists for discussions. Keep an eye open for the free opening nights and stay up to date with the different international film festivals that often screen their productions here.


Le Botanique

Once the former home to Belgium’s national greenhouses, Le Botanique is now host to several different concerts ranging from from indie, rock, hip-hop and beyond. With three beautiful concerts halls, Le Botanique delivers a full agenda of performances and exhibitions, plus its legendary festival Les Nuits Botaniques: a special three week festival hosting daily concerts.


Sounds Jazz Club

Why not spend an evening discovering the Belgian Jazz music scene? Though only one of the more established jazz venues decorating the city, the Sounds Jazz Club is a top choice for a great introduction to the lively jazz scene prominent in the capital. Located in Ixelles, the Sounds Jazz Club provides daily concerts featuring local and international artists to be enjoyed in a comfortable ambiance along with food and drinks.



While the contemporary art center is normally regarded as a daytime venue, individuals should not miss the opportunity to visit during the nocturne evenings, which take place the first and third Wednesday of each month. Though this space needs no introduction, it is renowned as being one of the leading artistic venues in the capital for housing contemporary art projects, exhibitions, and workshops for children and adults.


La Monnaiel de Munt

With spectacular programming, the historic La Monnaie boasts a number of internationally acclaimed shows consisting of traditional operas, musicals, concerts and dance recitals. Attendees will also appreciate the unique ambiance of the venue, as it shares a special connection to Belgium’s independence.


Or how about just a simple night walk in the all lighten-up streets of this lovely city?


everything is possible over there – even hanging Christmas decorations and lights on the first October week


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