First impressions of Brussels

Hello everybody!

While many of the other Western European capitals attract more attention and longer stays, Brussels’ beer, chocolate and Grand Place give plenty of tourists reason enough to make a stop here. If you give Brussels more time than Grand Place, though, you’ll find the city is a funny mix of a lot of influences. Historic charm, EU politics, hipster trendiness, edginess, multiculturalism, and its own special surreality all blended into one city. There’s a lot to Brussels that makes it stand out in Europe the more time you experience its different parts.

I came here for…well, we can call it business trip, haha…but basically me and few other students were chosen to go to see European insitutions and the city itself based on EU related activities of our high schools…great, right? The first day we didn’t manage to see much because we arrived quite late and especially I was too tired (or lazy), so here are only few photos from that evening.


first impression of the city centre – reconstruction everywhere




Oh well, I know this isn’t proper wine holding, but it’s only apple juice in there 😀


Belgian waffles – don’t miss those out!


I didn’t realize it’s this blurry until I was back in the room…oops


Manneken Pis!


Back to the hotel! Berlaymont in the night


These 2 thingymajiggies can’t be overlooked too…nice souvenir from Brussels when you don’t want to bring home some common stuff like magnets or postcards



If you came this far…have a great day! 🙂

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