Austrian Airlines experience

Hello everybody!

This was my very first time flying with this company and except short delay was everything fine and I can’t be more contented.

Online check-in works, each employee of Austrian on the airport is willing to help you if something is not ok. The instructions were sufficient and mainly, the crew was nice and pleasant.

Seat Comfort…

I sat both flights (VIE-BRU and vice versa) right next to the emergency exit so I can’t complain about the comfort, because I had enough place for my legs and everything. Seats are nice, but I don’t think I can imagine myself sleeping on one in a long flight over the ocean. But I believe this little error has been resolved somehow and seats in the long-distance planes are more comfortable.

Cabin staff service…

Great! Very nice people, ready to help anytime.

Food & Beverages…

I can’t complain, it was great.

Inflight entertainment…

Well, we didn’t have any TVs, but Wi-Fi connection was available and in my opinion is watching the sky the best thing you can do in plane, why to squander that time watching some movie?

Ground service…

Little delay both flights. But less than 15 minutes in both these cases, so it was ok.

Value for money…

Before I prefered low cost airlines, but now I’m not so sure…I liked the service and how they cared about all the passengers what only rarely happens in the cheaper arlines.


So overall?


And some photos from the sky…


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