L’Atelier Restaurant Brussels

Hello everybody! When you’re not really into fastfood stuff and you really want to have a great cuisine experience on your trip to Brussels, I recommend you trying L’Atelier restaurant. Located in the European Quarter, this place offers you not only amazing range of delicious meals, but with its charm and picturesque scenery will also […]

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European Quarter in Brussels

Hello everybody! The most set-off place in the world I have ever seen…old brick houses amongst vitreous skyscrapers…yeah, this is the European Quarter in Brussels, dear friends.   The European quarter in Brussels is made up of lively squares, original shops, exceptional green spaces, world-renowned museums and, on top of all that, the incredibly interesting […]

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8 reasons to visit Brussels in winter

Hello everybody! The most beautiful part of the year is here again – and Brussels welcomes it with the great pomp. Here are 8 reasons to visit this lovely underrated city in the nicest wintertime.   1. Christmas markets! Through its 2-kilometers course deploying through the historic town centre, Christmas markets in Brussels will once […]

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First impressions of Brussels

Hello everybody! While many of the other Western European capitals attract more attention and longer stays, Brussels’ beer, chocolate and Grand Place give plenty of tourists reason enough to make a stop here. If you give Brussels more time than Grand Place, though, you’ll find the city is a funny mix of a lot of […]

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Austrian Airlines experience

Hello everybody! This was my very first time flying with this company and except short delay was everything fine and I can’t be more contented. Online check-in works, each employee of Austrian on the airport is willing to help you if something is not ok. The instructions were sufficient and mainly, the crew was nice […]

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Hello everybody! Oh well, another travel diary! Next few articles will be dedicated to my little trip to Brussels last week. And what a week had it been! Four days abroad, some free days of autumn holidays and then prom…no wonder that I’m literally dying right now, haha. The first one coming immediately! definitely my […]

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