Hello everybody! With an abundance of cultural attractions and a wealthy populace, Munich stands as one of Germany’s most sophisticated and refined cities. The atmosphere changes somehow each autumn, when an immense influx of visitors test their endurance and the city’s exceptional beers at the annual Oktoberfest. We, unfortunately, didn’t get chance to visit […]

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Hello everybody! Well, honestly this castle isn’t as majestic and monumental as in the photos around the internet when you look at it from the bottom or some viewpoint yourself. Maybe because it’s so resounding, famous all around the world and place from bucketlists of so many people, you will expect a bit more from […]

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EUROTRIP 2017 pt.2!

Hello everybody! Another Eurotrip this year, woohoo! This time a bit shorter, but who cares! We saw many pleasurable places anyways. Day 1 10.10.2017 travelling in bus all night long, in the morning arriving to our first destination – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. Well, I bet you already noticed my […]

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Autumn im Michalok, Slovakia

Heslo everybody! Another photo-related article! This time not only the random tumblr photos, but my own from the beautiful village od Michalok, where I literally left my heart the first time I visited it…and in fall it’s even more splendid, you really wouldn’t believe! 🖤

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