Grocery haul from Poland!!

Hello everybody!

Another day, yet another haul…haha. I love grocery hauls and I also love shopping for the different types of food and meals in all the countries I visit. So here…here is a brief Polish one.


Do you know this great caramel chocolate bar called Twix? Well, this is a spread made of it, with crunchy pieces of biscuit too. It’s amazing! I recommend you to try Bounty, Mars, Snickers and Lion spreads, too.



Crunchy salty biscuits with a taste of tomato and basil. They actually contain those two ingredients, it’s not only about the flavouring, haha.



I love peanut butter and I couldn’t resist these bars containing it. I got like…10 of each to be honest 😀



Wawel chocolate (yeah, named after the famous castle in Krakow) has a really great taste and this time I decided to try something new, not only the classic pure/caramel/etc ones…so I went for coconut and it was surprisingly good!



Haha, Polish jelly beans for only like 4zl…you just can’t leave it untouched on that shelf!



Where else would you buy 42 berry Airwaves for less than 4zl than in Poland?



Well, you may have already read my article about Wieliczka mine…if not, it’s here: Wieliczka Salt Mine.

There is a super cheap shop right at the exit, you can’t miss it out… These three iodized salts were bought right there for my friends by me, as a souvenir from my little trip to Poland.



And these iodized seasoned salts I bought for my mom to make her cuisine even better haha. The lighter green one is with celery and dill and the darker green is with onion. They taste amazingly delicious in marinades and sauces mostly.



Well, this last product from my brief Polish haul has nothing to do with grocery… but if you’re visiting Wieliczka salt mine, I thoroughly recommend you to try this bath salt out. It comes out in many various scents and it’s just…great, wow.

I think I don’t even have to mention their famous caramel krówka candies, I bet everyone has already heard of them at least once. But if not…trying those out is also not a bad idea!


Let me know if you’re going to visit Poland in the meantime 🙂

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