My Armin van Buuren experience

To attend Armin van Buuren concert is like to be taken on a musical journey which seems so emotional, so enjoyable. You forget about all your worries, your pain. You will never regret coming to his show.
He is not the best DJ (#1 DJ according to DJMag for five years) for no reason. He is so enthusiastic, so full of energy. He interacts with the crowd in such a way that he makes sure every single person is having the best night of their life.
I have attended just one of his concerts, because all the time I was too young for them. And to be honest, I still am, but because of my height and all that makeup I got to one festival (18+), where he had 3hrs long show. Amazing, right? Every single second of that set was so magical, so unforgettable for me, even after few days is this the only thing I can think about.
Unlike many trance listeners who started listening to trance because of Tiësto, I started and am still listening to this genre because of Armin. I remember listening to his song for the first time. That was Communationl. I didn’t have to listen to it the second time to be sure that I loved that track in it’s totality – the music, the feel of good vibe it gave me. Pure bliss.
Later on I started listening to his radio show and became even more sure that his music is something with which I would want to start my day with instead of coffee.
Armin is so good at just mixing songs and creating beautiful melodic tunes, but he is also very human and his fame didn’t rose to his head. He talks to the crowds through his music. You can actually feel all the positive energy. You are so happy being there and experiencing it that you momentarily forget about the world outside.

Anyway, I just tried to convey how I felt about this. No words can be enough to describe that feeling.


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