Rogoznica, Croatia

Hello everybody!

Rogoznica – pearl of the Croatian region of Dalmatia. Not only pretty beaches can be found there, but also many other interesting and beautiful spots worth of the visit.

Rogoznica is small Mediterranean town whose centre is lying on a tiny peninsula, which used to be an island called Kopar back then. But then, in the second half of 19th century, it was connected to the land with a mound. Larger part of the island is covered with forests, the occupied part is full of old stony typical Mediterranean-looking houses. This town is also known for one of the most beautiful and famous marinas, due this fact is often sought after by the nautic tourists and ship lovers. Don´t forget to visit cultural and historical monuments, such as Church of St. Nikola, Church of St. Ivan Trogirski, Chapel of Virgin Mary and remains of fortification located on a hill over the town, built by the old Greek settlers. Legend says, that Rogoznica and surroundings used to be the colony of old herculean Greece. ,,Zmajevo Oko” (dragoneye) is a salty lake located not far from the town and marina, certainly one of the best natural phenomenas around. Rogoznica is also famous for its nice large pebbly beaches, where everyone will find his place. The town has also its own port known as Marina Frapa with more than 500 parking spots for the boats, located in the Soline Bay. Lovers of sports will also gladly spend their time there, many water sports and another activities are available for everyone who doesn´t feel like spending every single day of your vacation on the beach. In the night you should take a nice walk on a shore (parade), enjoy the nightlife and try local specialties in one of the amazing restaurants over the beach.

//quite nostalgic feeling while writing about this haha, haven´t visited this place for years


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