Quick visit to Amsterdam

Hello everybody! Paris has its significant Eiffel Tower, London the majestic Big Ben, but what is so dominant in Amsterdam? If you think, that some kind of unambiguous symbol is missing there, you’re wrong. What’s the most beautiful in Amsterdam is its inimitable atmosphere. This town, basically entire located on the water, offers something for […]

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Nevytsky Castle, Ukraine

Hello everybody! Only 12 km from Uzhhorod stands on the hill dilapidated, but still picturesque Nevytsky Castle, first mentioned in the early 15th century. In 1241, it was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatar’s hordes, but, in the second half of the 13th century, it was restored. The castle, towering over the Uzh River, was the mighty […]

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Hello everybody! Tucked away in the dramatic landscapes of the Alps, Innsbruck is a true Alpine gem and renowned worldwide for its ski resorts and tradition of hosting winter sports competitions. Its long history as the centre of the Tyrol region and modern history as a winter sports haven draw people from all over the […]

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Mirror Maze!

Let me tell you…this is the best thing I have ever been able to visit in my life. Basically, to get to the funny mirrors, all you have to do is to pass throught the mirror maze…and to get back do the same thing. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The mirror maze is located opposite the […]

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Wandering through antiquarians

Hello everybody! The most beautiful antiquarians are located in the most beautiful towns, am I right? Haha, of course I’m kidding. But to be honest – in the prettiest and picturesque town of Slovakia called Banská Štiavnica you will find some great bookstores and antiquarians, too. Today I found really an amazing one called Antikvariatik. […]

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Spring flower cocktails

Hello everybody! Gorgeous flowers blooming all around are certainly the best part of spring—and they aren’t all just eye candy. Spring also brings edible flowers, which can lend both visual beauty and subtle flavor to your food and drink. Though you can eat the entire flower of any that is edible, I prefer using edible […]

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Hello everybody! Whether you come here for holidays or just because of shopping – some of you are surely into sightseeing and you want to see more in this beautiful Western Ukrainian city, not only the famous market Bazaar. But what to actually do there? Among drinking coffee in all the amazing cafés on the […]

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Day 1 28.3.2017 travelling by bus all night long, in the morning arriving to the beautiful Austrian town of Innsbruck. We visited picturesque Ambras Castle, got up to the mountains by a cableway Seegrubenbahn and did some sightseeing in the town. Of course, we couldn’t forget the shops and also spent some hours in stores […]

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