Ukraine grocery haul

Hello everybody!

In this short grocery haul I will show you some products you really have to try while visting Ukraine. They can be found basically in every ABC grocery market and let me tell you…oh gosh I rather won’t talk too much about these amazing foods because I will become even more greedy than I am right now.

1. Different kinds of seeds and nuts molded and poured in the honey

I honestly can’t explain it better but believe me…it tastes so good that you won’t be able to stope eating it.


2. Multigrain bread

It’s quite…tough, rigid bread; it certainly doesn’t taste like common white breads, it’s different. But it’s very healthy and gooood.


3. Sauces

Sauces, dressings and ketchups from these two companies are really great and give your meal the most delicious aroma and taste.


4. Mayonnaise

This one is really good, thoroughly recommend that.


5. Sweets

Oh, of course. Sweets. In most of the Ukrainian shops are sold big packages of candies of all kinds (everyone buys that), but this…Aero just gives me nostalgic memories from my childhood when these were all over the markets…nowadays it’s impossible to find Aero in our Slovak shops so everytime I visit Poland or Ukraine, I buy tons of Aeros of all the different flavours and types.


6. Croissants with condensed milk filling

7-days croissants are pretty famous all around the world, but only here you can find them with this unique filling…caramelized condensed milk. The milk itself tastes amazing but inside this delicious piece of pastry…ah, it’s just wonderful.



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