Shopping at Uzhhorod Bazaar

Hello everybody!

Today in the morning, me and my family decided to not to waste such a beautiful sunny and cool day like this and we went to the amazing Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod, laying right on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. Well, it’s actually not that easy to get there, because our closest border crossing is 37km away by the quite damaged roads. But because the nature around is so beautiful, I didn’t really mind the car jumping in and out of the holes. From another border crossing of Vyšné Nemecké it’s only like 5km but you know, we’re already used to that first road so we didn’t really feel like trying another.

Before having some delicious lunch and coffee in the town we went to the biggest market over there (and I bet it’s also one of the biggest markets in the Eastern Europe because it’s extremely huge) that natives call Bazaar. You can find literally everything there – from food, home goods and clothes to bikes and garage tools. Usually I don’t find any clothes that I would like or which would fit me well, but today I found gorgeous bordeaux knee-long skirt (oh gosh, I’m so happy about that!). So yes, when you will get used to the system of shops there, you will know how to find good-quality stuff, not only brand imitations (that are actually also 100% cotton!).

It’s usually very crowded over there, so the duration of the common visit (of us) is like 2-3 hours when you’re a real market lover who comes there once in few months and really wants to buy some stuff from each sphere. But if you’re already there, don’t forget to buy some great Ukrainian sweets! And also have a small snack in one of the local fastfoods serving traditional Ukrainian food. Have a nice trip!


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