Lake Synevyr

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Synevyr lake is the most beautiful and most visited lake in Ukraine. It’s located in the altitude of 989 m above the sea level, surrounded with a beautiful forest and picturesque meadows. You’ll have a possibility to walk to the top of the mountain where the lake is located and feel the real nature along the way. The mountain stream flows along the road to the lake and you can drink and take the spring water with you. Then you should visit Shypit waterfall (comes from the word “whisper” as it can be heard far away from its location). The 14m high waterfall is beautiful at any season of the year and it’s in the list of 7 nature wonders of Ukraine. After the overviewing the Shypit waterfall you should take a chair lift to the top of Gemba mountain (1500m) and make unforgettable pictures with the local mountain panorama of Pylypets village. The most advantageous view of the lake opens from the mountain sum­mit which is located close by and is called Mount Ozrnya (Lake). From the altitude of 1496 meters above the sea level, to which you can climb following a path through the forest rich in berries, you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Carpathian Mountains in all their green glory. And right in the midst of it you will see the blue eye of Synevyr staring at you.

It’s quite a deep lake – in some places it’s more than 20 meters deep, with the average depth of 8.2 meters. Four mountain rivers empty into the lake which is also fed by some under­ground water sources. Right in the center of the lake sits a tiny islet – if the lake is an eve than the islet is its pupil. It gave the lake one more name. Blue Eye.

The beauty of local landscapes here is so unique that even those who have traveled to many parts of the world, who have seen many wonders of the world, will not remain indifferent to the modest and wild beauty of the Carpathians and one of their marvels – Lake Synevyr.

Geologists say that about ten thousand years ago, geological processes occurring in the Carpathian Mountains left a depres­sion which was filled with water from the mountain streams. The water in the lake is amazingly transparent, and the reflec­tion of the blue sky in it must have suggested the name –Synevyr (the word suggests that two roots could have been combined: syni – ,,blue’’, and vyr – ,,whirlpool’’).


There is a legend about the origin of the lake. In ancient times, the mountains belonged to a wealthy Count, and he had a beautiful daughter with blue eyes whose name was Synya (resembling to “synyi” meaning “blue”).

Once, the Count took his daughter with him to the mountains. While he was checking the work of woodcutters, the daughter was picking flowers on the meadow. Suddenly, she heard the sound of the flute, and saw a man sitting in the meadow and playing. His name was Vyr and he was a shepherd.

They began to meet frequently and fell in love, but the Count forbade them to meet. As they could not longer live without each other, he ordered the killing of Vyr. The Count’s people waited a moment and threw a stone at Vyr from a cliff.On hearing this, Synya ran to this place, hugged the stone and cried. She cried so long that a lake appeared at this place. The lake water was clear and blue as Synya’s eyes, and in the middle of the lake, you can see the tip of the stone. Since then, the lake is called Synevyr. Carved wooden figures of Synya and Vyr are installed on the shore of the lake. People come here from all the corners of the Carpathians to celebrate weddings. It’s believed that if people meet and fall in love on this lake, their love will be strong.

Is this not just amazing?


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