Skipark Litmanová

Hello everybody!

This amazing skipark can be found near the village of Litmanová in the gorgeous scenery of Pieniny mountains. Both recreational and advanced skiers may use various profiles of slopes at altitudes from 690 to 920m. Terrain is also suitable for the races, it´s not anything unusual when you see a track with obstacles.

There are 5 ski lifts available & ski slopes are snown up by artificial snow. The ski resort is with more than 12km of cross-country tracks also perfect for the cross-country skiers.

Lovers of hikes can try some tours around the beautiful snowy Pieniny mountains and walks in the Litmanová village. Tour to the historic town of Stará Ľubovňa where is magical castle located is also not a ba idea! In the area is available restaurant, ski rental service, ski and snowboard school and a little shop. Accommodation can be provided either in the lodges right on the slope or in some small hotels and apartments in the near village.

Day skiing: 9am-4pm

Evening skiing: 5.30pm-8pm


by the way, prizes of the tickets are below the photos because something went wrong and I couldn´t move with the tab.

btw2: this is not the only slope there. Behind is one more, way longer and higher.


I spent in this skipark (living in the lodges) 7 days and personally liked everything, maybe except some imperfections in the food 🙂 Also, more photos will be in the next article!

Tickets Full Kids & Seniors
2 hours
10,- € 10,- €
4 hours
12,50 € 12,50 €
whole day
15,- € 15,- €
evening 10,- € 10,- €

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