Skipark Drienica

Hello everybody!

A small skipark hidden in the bosom of the mountains laying less than 20km from a county seat of Prešov. If you’re from the Eastern Slovakia you surely know what I’m talking about but if you’re not, well, then you should certianly visit this tiny pretty place someday.

This ski centre is located over the village of Drienica under the southern slopes of Cergov mountains near Sabinov and Prešov. The area offers slopes with real and artificial snow, four tows, ski schools and also some routes for cross-country skiing. Some restaurants, buffets and ski rents are there too, don’t worry about that. It’s a perfect place to spend your weekend at in my opinion, but at that time it’s kinda full because basically whole East moves there 😀

Underneath the slope are also some hotels, such as Hotel Javorná, Hotel Šomka, Hotel Lysá or Drienica Lodge. After the long day spent in a cruel winter you can warm yourself up in the pools, saunas and whirlpools of the Wellness Drienica or totally murder yourself in a perfect fitness centre offered by Hotel Javorná.

Prices are very cool, all are listed in the image below.


In my opinion is this skipark great for the families with kids because it’s not anything extremely steep. But even if you aren’t part of one, I’m sure you will like it there anyways because it’s really nice and lovely.


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