Hello everybody!

If you’re wandering across the Netherlands and decided to stay in Amsterdam and its surroundings for a couple of days, a perfect day-trip is to a small village with 6261 inhabitants full of magical canals and historcial buildings called Muiden.

This fortified town sits near the IJmeer, just east of Amsterdam. It dates back to the 10th century and is now known for its peaceful streets, small cafés, historic landmarks and picturesque harbour. The town is a key link in the Defence Line of Amsterdam, a 135 km-long fortification that once protected the city from invaders. Pass through Muiden’s centuries-old walls and prepare for a stroll through one of the country’s oldest communities.

While visiting Muiden, be sure to check out the Muiderslot (Muiden Fortress). The castle is situated at the estuary of the river Vecht, near the IJmeer. Inside, the tower tour and the knight’s tour lead you through count Floris V’s fortress, who ordered the building of the Muiderslot. Take an audio tour (in English) or try one of the self-guided tours. For children there is an interactive search through the castle that ends with a virtual accolade.The fortress shows 7 centuries of defensive works. The gardens and the falconer are also worth a visit!

It takes only a half hour boat trip to reach the Fortress Island of Pampus, offering you a splendid view of Amsterdam. The island is part of the Stelling van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Defence Line) and the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (another Dutch defence line) and is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You can get to the island by ferry, but privately owned boats are welcome as well. Take a guided tour around the fortress or explore the place yourself (using a map of course).

Or just basically walk around the town, enjoy the sun and the lovely atmosphere!

//articles about Muiderslot and Pampus coming soon!//


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