Skipark Roháče – Spálená

Hello everybody!

One of the best ski centres in Slovakia is certainly the one located near the towns of Zuberec and Habovka in the high cruel mountains, far from the nearest civilisation called Roháče – Spálená. It’s a huge complex where you will get through the deep, typical Tatra forest when following all the signs. It offers one modern heated cablecar, one cableway and three smaller tows. The slope is steep in some moments but it’s not anything extremely difficult to bear over. For the children (but also for the youth and adults, of course) are offered services of ski and snowboard school, nearby are also some small restaurants (one on the top of the hill and the other one under the hill next to the giant car park), ski servis and a ski rent. Rents and services have amazing prices, don’t worry to come and ask for something you need.

Probably the only thing I don’t like is that afternoon is the slope very icy and you can fall down very easily.

Prices are kinda…high, but the packages for few days are pretty good so if you come to the nothern Slovakia to the Orava region to for few days and you don’t know what to do, surely visit this centre and you will immediately get the upcoming days planned. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro camera, on a sunny day you will get incredible shots!

Images, map & price list




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