Beauty and history at one place – Lienočka Flowers in Habovka, Slovakia

Hello everybody!

In the heart of high cruel mountains, in a small village hidden under the amounts of snow will surprise you one cozy cottage furnished in the sprit of the olden times. It’s a mistake to think it’s a museum, because it definitely is not an old boring museum, but lovely store with flowers, home decor and souvenirs. Atmosphere of Christmas will charm the visitor right behind the main door. When you will walk between the tastefully decorated wreaths and nicely smelling candles and think that it’s time to leave, at the left you will find stairs leading to the world of history of Orava village. Very pretty arranged artifacts into the newly reconstructed village house will impress you with their unconventional and interesting positions and combinations. Jolly owner will readily tell you about the reconstruction and all the separate nicd gadgets in the shop.

It’s surely worth of your visit while skiing in the near ski centres of Zuberec and Roháče-Spálená. It’s located in the village of Habovka, right next to the main road leading to other town of Oravice and further and thanks to the original signs on the wooden walls you certainly will not miss it. Also, if you haven’t bought any memories, souvenirs from Slovakia yet, here you will find many handmade magnets and other similar things. So what are you waiting for?

//this is not a paid ad//


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