Skipark Drienica

Hello everybody! A small skipark hidden in the bosom of the mountains laying less than 20km from a county seat of Prešov. If you’re from the Eastern Slovakia you surely know what I’m talking about but if you’re not, well, then you should certianly visit this tiny pretty place someday. This ski centre is located […]

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St James’ Park Newcastle

Hello everybody! Every football lover will certainly love the northern part of the English country because of the amount of stadiums and famous football teams. Few weeks ago, me and my friend Laura visited this beautiful part of the world and besides all the sightseeing, shopping and hiking we also managed to see this giant […]

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Fortress Island of Pampus

Hello everybody! Raise the flags and man the guns! For a family-friendly and historical day trip from Amsterdam, hop on a ferry and discover Fort Pampus, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island fort on an artificial island was once part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, a 135-kilometer-long system of fortifications that defended the […]

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Hello everybody! If you’re wandering across the Netherlands and decided to stay in Amsterdam and its surroundings for a couple of days, a perfect day-trip is to a small village with 6261 inhabitants full of magical canals and historcial buildings called Muiden. This fortified town sits near the IJmeer, just east of Amsterdam. It dates […]

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Dutch winter meals you have to try

Hello everybody! From mini pancakes to croquettes from a vending machine, Netherlands offers the hungry travellers plenty of unique culinary experiences. Netherlands foods may not be as well-known as French or Chinese cuisines but there are many Dutch delights which must be tried at least once. Don’t go home without trying at least one of […]

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Six Punch Recipes

Hello everybody! Christmas time is already over but winter is just in the beginning. Christmas Punch (or only Punch) is one of the most traditional hot winter beverages, famous mostly in the Europe. So why not to do it yourself if you think it´s too expensive in all the stands and markets? Alocholic punches Traditional […]

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Brestovská Cave

Hello everybody! Yesterday I decided to visit the newly opened cave near the place I live. I thought it’s going to be a regular cave tour, but when I got a helmet with a light in the front of the main door, I was like oh well, that’s gonna be interesting. And it really was, […]

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