Manufaktura – natural Czech cosmetics

Hello everybody!

Have you ever been thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle using natural products not tested on animals and drinking natural drinks? Yes? Then is this amazing brand just for you.

MANUFAKTURA is an original Czech brand of cosmetics, whose products are sold in 50 branded stores in Czech and e-shop in Czech and Slovak. It´s a 100% Czech company based in Prague, on the Vltava River, produced in the Czech Republic and cooperating mainly with Czech suppliers.

Original Manufaktura cosmetics and bath accessories are made with love and joy. Cosmetic products are inspired by Czech history and nature. That´s why is this cosmetics characterized by containing original ingredients – Czech beer and hop, wine and extracts from grapes, Carlsbad thermal salt, herbs and fruit typical for our Central-European gardens, orchards and meadows. Over the time, the whole concept of beauty united in the idea of home spa, based on the world-famous Czech spa tradition.

Why actually home spa? We live in hectic times full of stress, tension and bustle. Pleasant ritual bath with a lit candle, scented bath, invigorating showers, massages, tea or other pampers will help you to break away from daily problems, achieve physical and mental relief and relax for a while. Attractive accessories for home spa – tea, candles, massage equipment, porcelain etc. are custom made in collaboration with traditional, high-quality Czech producers, who are for Manufaktura the most important.

I love this brand soo much, but unfortunately are in Slovakia only three stores, all pretty far from my town. That´s why I use my best friend visiting Czech pretty often as a dealer haha.

//this is not a paid ad//



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