Winter is coming – decoration ideas & great Christmas atmosphere

Hello everybody!

Snow is fallin’
All around me
Children playin’
Having fun
It’s the season
Love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone

This way begins one of the most legendary Christmas songs ever, Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. I personally love winter, all the snow, lights, snowmen…I have the luck to live in a country where is snow every single year, I don´t know what would I do without it, because for me is snow the most important part of these three magical months. I don´t like to play in it or anything, I just love to watch it falling with a cup of tea in my hand, sitting calmly in the rocker, with feeling that I don´t have to do anything. Just relax.

I also love decorating more than anything, I love to try new DIYs from foreign webpages so this winter-ful article I will also dedicate to decorating. Here are few of my personal favourite room decor ideas:

  1. Candles and the candlesticks!ws_winter_candles_1920x1200
  2. Tree lights! (any color or shape you prefer) ChristmasLights
  3. Thematically scented room spray (cinammon & apple, pine, gingerbreads…)
  4. Fake snow (I know it may sound stupid but believe me, it looks amazing on the pine needles or on a undecorated christmas tree)
  5. Pine cones – paint or glitter the end corner of the pine cone seed silver – it looks better than painting it whole silver because it looks more natural. You can use anything silver you want – I personally like silver nail polish, glitter glue or a glue and glitters (separately). il_570xn-187726739
  6. Mason jars – put some natural products into the mason jar – such as pine cons, chestnuts, nuts, twigs, very small pieces of wood, conifer cones etc. winter-forest-mason-jar-oil-candles-xl
  7. Even your flowers have to be changed – the typical Christmas flower is a red poinsettia. You can also sprinkle it with some silver glitter, nothing will happen with her. hdb201-rd_zoom
  8. Snowflakes out of paper – I bet many of you have already done it while being little, but it looks great hanging on a fiber even now, and when you find some time to mess around with it, you can create many interesting designs. Here are some ideas what you should try – I don´t put here photos of my snowflakes because I kinda forgot to document the workflow and took photos only when the final product was done. snehove-vlocky-z-papiera-5snehove-vlocky-z-papiera-6snehove-vlocky-z-papiera-7
  9. Don´t forget to hang some mistletoe!
  10. Wreaths – you can use pine cones, pine needles, berries…this tutorial is from, it´s the one that I used this year.
  • Get evergreen branches from Cedar, Pine, and other clippings. Trim them to about 6 inches (15.24 cm). The greenery you choose is totally your choice. You can even mix!
    • It takes a whole lot less than you would think. You can make a door wreath with three 3 ft (9 m) long branches. Cut the branch ends into 6″ (15 cm) pieces before you start. The only necessity is that you cut them before you use them – Pine, Ivy, Boxwood, Magnolia leaves, Holly, etc. – all work perfectly.
  • Pick out a few brightly-colored items such as berries, holly and pine cones. The embellishments you use to spruce up your wreath can totally change the feel and create a more classic or funky vibe.

    • There is nothing wrong with a simple green wreath. Attaching a red bow at the bottom is just as festive as spraying it with glitter and going to the nines.


  • Obtain a frame. Get a wire coat hanger and fashion it into a circle. If you’re not keen on this idea, you can buy wire frames in different shapes and sizes at your local craft or floral shop.

    • A single wire frame is good for a thin, delicate wreath. But if you’re going for a show-stopper, stick with a double wire frame – it allows your wreath to be more lush-looking and full.


  • Attach floral wire to a place on the wreath frame. Take one end of the wire and twist it around the frame to hook it. No fancy Girl Scout knots needed; just make sure that it´s gonna stay in place.

    • Don’t cut! You’ll be using one long strand of wire this entire time. Don’t worry – it won’t be seen through the greenery.


  • Get a bundle of the evergreen branches with the tips all at one end. Place them where the floral wire is attached. Lay a small bunch of your greens on your frame, and wrap your floral wire securely around the stems at least three times. Don’t cut the wire yet!
  • Continue wrapping around the frame. Take a second bundle and cover the stems of the first bundle with it, at a slight diagonal. Wrap wire around the stems of each bundle and keep on adding same-sized bundles until you’ve gone full-circle.

    • Once you have completed the circle, tuck the last bundle under the first bundle. Adjust the greenery and stems as necessary.


  • Finish off the wire. Tuck it under the nearest bundle, secure it with a knot, and cut. Leave a few extra inches before cutting the end. If you’d like to make a hanger, form a loop at the end of the wire and twist it around itself.
  • Use a new piece of wire to affix the ends of pine cones or berries to the wreath. Tie a knot in each piece when you are finished.
  • Finish! Original article about this wreath is here: Make an Evergreen Wreath


That´s all, have a nice day everyone 🙂

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