The best European Christmas markets – info post

Hello everybody!

Is it too early to start talking about Christmas? Not if you want to secure an amazing trip to one of Europe’s most enchanting winter wonderlands.

Travel across the continent and you’ll discover a spectacular selection of Christmas markets, with beautifully decorated log cabins and inviting beer halls, where you can cosy up with a warming glass of mulled wine.

But Christmas markets aren’t all about beer and bratwurst, they’re also the perfect place to pick up handmade gifts, ornate decorations and tasty sweet treats for your seasonal hamper.

In the upcoming days (each day a new article), starting on November 30th, you will find out which are the best Christmas markets in Europe, complete with jingle bells, mulled wine and gifts galore.

I hope you will enjoy this Christmas serie ❤ I decided to start with this kind of series again because you seemed to like it, I got really many likes last December on all those Christmas related articles soo…why not to do this again?


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