Christmas market in Zagreb

Hello everybody! From dreamy lights to beautiful Christmas market stands, in this city is everything you need to get into the spirit of the advent season. The colors, and illumination all around the city from the capital building to decked out farm houses truly make it a dream destination for those who love to celebrate […]

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Winter is coming – decoration ideas & great Christmas atmosphere

Hello everybody! Snow is fallin’ All around me Children playin’ Having fun It’s the season Love and understanding Merry Christmas everyone This way begins one of the most legendary Christmas songs ever, Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. I personally love winter, all the snow, lights, snowmen…I have the luck to live in a country […]

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Hello everybody! Lillafüred is a small village (officially the part of the city of Miskolc) laying in the heart of Bukk Mountains in Northern Hungary. It offers that many amazing sights and things to do that it´s almost not even possible. So why not to try it? I loved it and you will surely love […]

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Castle of Diósgyőr, Hungary

Hello everybody! Behind all the Miskolci skyscrapers and blocks of flats on the way to the already mentioned Lillafured is standing a dauntless castle of Diósgyőr, high and giant, visible from the all spots around. The Castle of Diósgyőr, one of Hungary’s prominent historic monuments, is situated at the foot of the Bükk Mountains surrounded […]

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Godzone Tour 2016 – Slovakia

Hello everybody! If you´re from Slovakia or a Czech Republic, I have a great event for you. In the upcoming days are going to be FREE giant concerts (well, they are all related to God but they are quite amazing anyways) here: Poprad – 14.11.2016 Košice – 15.11.2016 Žilina – 16.11.2016 Banská Bystrica – 17.11.2016 […]

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Děčín Castle

Hello everybody! Following the last article, this one is about the famous sight in the Czech town of Děčín, the edificial Děčín Castle. Děčín Castle is probably the most popular tourist attraction in the town. Built on a hill near the town centre and overlooking the Labe river, the castle has enjoyed an extremely varied […]

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Hello everybody! Děčín is a nice city in the valley of the Elbe, close to the main railway connecting Saxony and Prague. Before World War II, most of the inhabitants were ethnic Germans. After the war most of the German population was driven out, fled or was resettled and the new communist government redesigned the […]

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Hello everybody! Until its road connection to the mainland in 1957, Marken was an island in the Zuider Zee, and pretty much a closed community, supported by a small fishing industry. Today, it mainly lives off its tourist industry, and can get pretty busy on summer weekends, though it’s of the day-tripping, coach-driven variety, and […]

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