Rosary Garden of the Virgin Mary, Vysna Sebastova, Slovakia

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I attended a Christian Pilgrimage even though I´m not such a big Christian but I felt like why not to try something new, no? We started in the beautiful Rosary Garden of the Virgin Mary in the village called Vysna Sebastova near the city of Prešov where we attended one mass and a rosary prayer in a nice backgrounds. The day was sunny and cold, perfect for the journeys I would say. I thought it was going to be boring but it was actually great, I liked it. Mostly I liked the fact that my friends are there with me so I´m not alone at such an event.

The village has also its own Renaissance Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria, which is the oldest and also the most important historical monument of the village. The first mention of it is in the commemorative book of monastery “História Dómus” where figures the date 21 July 1775. Available sources indicate that in the year of 1625 built this church a countess of Katarina Palffy, the widow of the Hungarian palatine Sigismund Forgách. At that time the building consisted of a nave with one main and two side altars. Part of the church was also a bastion, which was in the year of 1888 demolished.

Exterior and interior of the church has been renovated several times. In the years 2003 – 2004 was carried out the most extensive renovation during which has been modified the interior nave, vestry and the appearance of the chorus. Into the temple was placed wiring, introduced water, toilet has been installed and the entire temple was painted and paved. Completion of construction work in the interior was stocking the new sacrificial table firmly attached to the floor. Simultaneously with these works was carried out the reconstruction of side altars and sculptures. In the last phase was church equiped with new benches, new stations of the cross and also the cross on sacrificial table. A new organ was bought. To the outer part of the church – tower, roof and facade was given present form in the year of 2007.


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