Bird Festival in NP Lauwersmeer, Netherlands

Hello everybody!

For everyone living near the cities of Groningen and Leeuwarden in the Netherlands was yesterday´s Vogelfestival in the national park of Lauwersmeer a great idea to spend sunny Sunday afternoon in nature, not sitting in the front of computer or TV.

From 11am to 5pm on Sunday, 11th September 2016 organized NP Lauwersmeer, by Dutchies well-known, Bird Festival. The festival offered really attractive programme for anyone interested in birds. From beginners to advanced birdwatchers. For young and old. With trips, bird stories, street theater, workshops,markets, art, photographs, special activities for children and much more. In markets were salesmen from all around the country, selling handmade products, all linked to the nature somehow. Even though they were quite expensive, I think it could be a good purchase because all the products seemed very jaded and with a high quality (I personally didn´t buy anything).

Lauwersmeer National Park, one of the twenty Dutch National Parks, has a high nature value mainly because of the huge bird richness. The convenient location on the edge of the Wadden Sea and on a node in the East Atlantic flyway (where each year fly around 90 million birds!) guarantees large number of species whole year. It’s not for nothing that the National Park Lauwersmeer itself is also called “Bird Paradise on former seabed.”

The festival takes place during the autumnal migration, when millions of birds are on their way to their wintering areas in the south.

With an annual Bird Festival wanted the National Park show this particular bird richness to the wide audience and bring visitors to enjoy birds in all its faces. I think it worked well because there were sooo many people, and all looked kinda happy (mostly the photographers and birdwatchers hah).

It´s a great original event, perfect for families with children but also amazing for single persons who want to see something different and, like me, get some great shots of migrating birds. See you there next year!



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