Hello everybody!

Rest place mostly for the residents of Dutch settlement of royal family and gouvernment Den Haag is located just few kilometres off the main highway leading through The Hague city. Kijkduin is a really pretty place to reset yourself and to let your mind take a break from everyday struggles for a little. Through this town, a suburb of already mentioned Haag lead many bike routes, always signed as ,,fietspad”. All come across the dunes so there´s pretty much to see on all of them. I´m really into cycling (don´t know how you) so I tried all and I can´t choose the best one, all were amazing with unique views and maybe too strong winds. One giant free parking lot is located right under the promenade and beach but it´s usually completely full, no matter what time and season will you come there. On the first promenade you see (there are two) is a nice historic carrousel, hotel and so many shops with clothes, swimsuits etc. On the second promenade which is…nearer the sea than the other one I would say – basically it lays right next to the another one but on the sea side, you will find restaurants, cafés, bars. Restaurants often offer great deals, such as coffee+cake or coffee+ice cream for a low price, so don´t miss those too. In my opinion is not the best idea to have a lunch/dinner there because everything is too overpriced.

Beach over which stand already mentioned buildings is sandy (like all beaches in the Netherlands), but with no trees what is quite bad on hot and sunny days.

When you look from the sea at the shore, it looks pretty cool becuause right few metres behind the water begin to mount up sand dunes which are whole covered with flowers in spring and summer.

So what to say to end this article properly? Kijkduin is a fine place for biking, relaxing and enjoying the sun from all the cafés, but I would never go bathing for like a whole day there, mostly due to the absence of shade and trees. Water is also very cold there, but what other would you expect when you´re in the Netherlands?



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