Čičva Castle, Slovakia

Hello everybody! For everyone from Eastern Slovakia (or borders of HU/PL/UA) bored on casual summer days is there a short, max. 20 minutes long tour to the castle of Čičva located near the towns of Humenné and Vranov n/Topľou. To experience the best day on Čičva I recommend you to bring a picnic kit and […]

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Transavia airlines

Hello everybody! Transavia is a Dutch low-cost airline flying from the Netherlands to other European countries for really amazing prices. In the Netherlands you should choose from four airports, each is located in another part of country so it´s never too far for you to get to one of these: Amsterdam, Rotterdam/Den Haag, Eindhoven, Groningen. […]

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Dutch countryside in the evening

Hello everybody! Do you like cycling? I, surprisingly, do, and during my residence in the Netherlands I was sitting on the bike riding somewhere else that many times that I can´t even count it. I love cycling especially in the evening when the sun goes down and roads are not as full as during the […]

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Hello everybody! Rest place mostly for the residents of Dutch settlement of royal family and gouvernment Den Haag is located just few kilometres off the main highway leading through The Hague city. Kijkduin is a really pretty place to reset yourself and to let your mind take a break from everyday struggles for a little. […]

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Canal cruises in Leiden

Hello everybody! Leiden is very pretty and unique town on the river Rijn located in province Zuid Holland in the Netherlands. It´s very accessible because of many surrounding roads and highways. You should do sightseeing either by walking around the town to see some good architectural masterpieces, but I think the best way to see […]

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Please help my French

Hello everybody! I´ve started learning French few days ago and I need some tips from people who speak this language well, how to continue and what should I do to talk French the best and in the fastest time. Help me, please. Thank you all!

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Rockfest 2016

Hello everybody! In a small town of Snina in the eastest peak of Slovakia is festival Rock pod kamenom, otherwise known as Rockfest an annual event. This year it was three days long, from 4th to 6th August 2016. There were many famous rock and metal bands from all around the world, such as Czech […]

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