Hello everybody!

Kinderdijk is a historic resort with 19 windmills also written into UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s located in the picturesque village of Kinderdijk, near  the town of Albrasserdam and around 19km from the second biggest Dutch city Rotterdam. Near the entry you will find few souvenir shops with extremely expensive souvenirs, small restaurants, toilets for 50 cents and a cassa. You don’t have to pay anything when you only want to take a look at the windmills and to walk around them, only if you want to step inside. I didn’t pay, for me were enough those amazing views at the mills from the bottom.

You can park either somewhere in the village and then walk longer or park inclusively in the front of area and pay for it. It’s only up on you, but I would recommend you to park outside to see the beautiful architecture and buildings of this small town. 

It’s a great idea for a half-day trip, just don’t forget to bring a sunscreen or a hat with you because you’ll be walking on the sun all the time (no shadows, no trees). But don’t worry, if you forget water or you want something cold to cool you down, there are always many stands with this kind of stuff. Bt remember, always very expensive. 

Enjoy your trip there 🙂

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