Souvenirs to not to miss & the best shops to buy them in the Netherlands 

Hello everybody!

Because I’m that kind of person who likes giving more than getting, I have bought my family and friends many original Dutch things or things to get only in the Netherlands during the last few weeks I spent here. Maybe it’s not all, but considering my bank account where is almost nothing left I would say it’s all from me for them. You can inspire yourself with this stuff, to buy it as a souvenir for your grandma, best friend etc while passing through this small land. 


In the Netherlands you can find so many different types of Oreo cookies that you won’t even believe. Or at least for me, from Slovakia where is literally nothing interesting, was everything new and I had to try it. And of course, buy it to some Oreo lovers that are waiting for me in my hometown. Both packs are from Makro, but can be get also in other shops (just for the bigger price, I got it from Makro for 1, 89 € each).

Makro is a giant shop where only people with a Makro card can get, so when you’re from foreign country you probably won’t get inside…but that doesn’t matter I think, there are so many other shops where you can find Oreo treats too.


Okay, these are not from the Netherlands but from the duty-free zone in Vienna airport. Manner Neapolitanas are originally from Austria so there will you obviously find the best prices for them. But they can be also found in the Netherlands, I saw them in Ikea for example.I had to buy the biggest package for me because I absolutely love them and also the biggest package for my cousin because she absolutely loves them too. I think I got it for around 2, 89 € each.

In Dutch Ikea is not only furniture as you may think, but also grocery with some interesting food that you won’t find in other shops, such as Daim cake, other Daim treats, Manner, pine tea etc etc. 

Flavoured popcorn

Only in Xenos you can find so unusual and interesting things like these two packages of popcorn. One is with Salty chocolate and another one with Cinnamom (Kaneel) flavour. You can also find Mango, Rozemarijn & parmezan cheese and Wasabi flavours in the shops (1, 39 € each). But I liked these two the best so I bought them also to eat them in Slovakia with my family.

Cannabis lolipops

This is a must-have from Amsterdam, really 😀 Some friends really wanted me to buy it so I got few to make them happy that I didn’t forget on them (6pcs for 5 €).

They can be found in every souvenir shop in Amsterdam, but the best deals are in the shops on Bloemenmarkt I would say.


Netherlands is full of Daim sweets and Daim cakes, so I decided to buy this smaller pack for myself (0, 79 € each) and then after trying also to buy a bigger one for my brother who will surely find it amazing too. 

These Daim goodies have greatest prices in already mention Ikea and also Albert Heijn, another Dutch supermarket. Albert Heijn is more expensive as usual Lidl, but you will find there things you would never find in that Lidl…
//it’s a different photo because firstly while photographing other stuff I have forgotten to take a photo of this so then I just fastly made it in the room//


This is the best thing I have eaten in my entire life. Try this and it will become your best, too. The stroopwafels are filled with famous Stroop syrup which makes them so delicious. They can be found in different sized packages in every shop, in every market because of how much famous they are. I got these from Hema (1, 50 € for 500g), good deals are also in Xenos (1 € for 300g). But don’t buy them in souvenir shops – they are too expensive there.

Hema is another super shop with even more super prices, don’t forget to take a look inside too.

Delfts Blauw Pottery

Of course, these things aren’t from original Royal Delft shops where they would be really expensive, I bought them in Xenos for 1€ each pair of wooden shoes and 1,29 € each of the other left items. In souvenir shops are expensive too, and even fake (such as in Xenos, but at least in Xenos are cheap). You will find them in whole Netherlands and I recommend you to buy them for your friends as a souvenir, they don’t have to know only how much did you spend…


Magnets are the best thing to buy anyone, it’s a great remain that will last long on the refrigerator or on any other visible place. I got these for my mom because she collects them and loves them (such as me and my Hard Rock Café T-shirts obsession). One is from Rotterdam, one from the beach called Scheveningen and one from an attraction called Corpus.

Hanging bone to put on the keys

My dad is a medic, he will really like it. It’s also from Corpus (I will write about the experience in Corpus soon) for 3, 50€. In Corpus can be found many similar funny body-related things, don’t miss their souvenir shop.

China balm

When I was in High Tatras in June with my friend, China balm really helped us after long hikes from the muscle pain. When I saw it in Flying Tiger, I didn’t think twice, I went to the shop and immediately bought it (2€ each). I’m looking forward to give it to her, it will certainly bring back so many good memories from out little trip that time…

Flying Tiger is a really good shops with so many original items, located in every bigger place, so that’s another idea where to stop by while shopping.

Phone case

When I was in Rijswijk, I took a look into their Xenos (I’m obsessed on that shop as you can see) and there I saw a huge sign that phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S3 and SG S4 mini are in a huge discount (59 cents each), so I bought one for my best friend. She likes purple, but the purple one was scratched, so I took her this turqoise-green one. 

Xenos is just the best shop with the best prices (reminds me of Action a bit), you will regret not visiting it while you were nearby.

That are all the things/souvenirs I bought for my acquaintances, I hope you found some inspiration in this kinda different-styled article 🙂

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