Water reservoir Starina

Hello everybody!

During the last days I´ve been exploring huge London, but why not to sit down and write about something close to my hometown, equally important and interesting? In the beautiful nature of National Park Poloniny in Eastern Slovakia lays this lake with drinking water fortified by dam, called Water Reservoir Starina.

Starina reservoir in Snina District has been constructed in 1981 at the headwaters of river Cirocha. Starina is actually the largest reservoir supplying water to the east part of the Slovakia country. Sources say that seven villages have been submerged beneath it: Starina, Dara, Ostružnica, Smolník, Ruské, Veľká Poľana and Zvala, the total surface of the water reservoir Starina is 240 ha. There is an observation deck located at the south side of the reservoir, across the road. Spectacular view, especially in autumn.

From the shore you can see a funnel, where you can also get. How? First you have to execute permission from trustees of the reservoir, then they will open the gates to the underground where more than 1000 stairs are waiting for you on the way down (firstly) and then on the long way up. If you suceed, don´t forget to bring some warm clothes with you because under the water is really cold. From that building next to that funnel you will see the funnel from above, which is scary (fourth photo). But on the other hand you will have very great views from each side.

As I have said before, on the other side of the main road over Starina is a viewpoint. There is also a small car park, and from there leads a small path to the hill where the overview is. The tour isn´t long, like 3 minutes at all. But the view…that view is really worth it.


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