How to pack like a pro

Hello everybody!

I´m going to the London woohoo! I have been packing almost the whole day to do it perfectly, I don´t want to realize then in the plane every ten minutes what have I forgotten. I´m a scatterbrain, so I rather spent more hours on it. But I think I have packed everything I´ll need, the only thing I should worry about now is that I won´t have enough money…:D

Basically the only thing you need to know to pack the best are parametres of the hand luggage. You can bring to the plane with you only suitcases with parametres of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. That´s not a lot so when you´re traveling somewhere where you will stay for a longer time, definitely buy more kilos for your bags in the luggage compartment. I was shocked when I saw only how much can I bring into the aircraft, so I decided to pay for another suitcase immediately.

It depends on how long your trip will be, I´m going for a week so I packed the things I will need during that week and this is the list of them.

  1. Bottoms first

You know English weather, it´s always changing. Even in the summer time. I think two pairs of long jeans and one pair of shorts would work perfectly, maybe some leggins or sweatpants for the flight. I don´t think women (girls) will need a skirt when going there for a sightseeing, but if you want, you should certainly bring one. In the summer time would be also good 3/4 jeans. When you´re some kind of businessman, don´t foget a suit, belt, tie, jazzbow and suit boots.

2. Shirts

Bring at least 7 or 8 T-shirts/shirts, you aren´t sure there will be a washing machine at the place where you´re staying. Plus one on you. Good idea is also to bring a sweatshirt (something warm) and some jacket. I would say one jacket is enough. Also don´t forget to bring pajamas!

3. Shoes

One pair of shoes you will have on, so one/two pairs of another shoes are enough. But make sure to bring at least one new pair in case if they weren´t waterproof and they would get wet etc. If in your hotel/appartment/house is a wellness, you should also bring flip-flops. I always forget to bring them and then go everywhere with my shoes-dedicated-for-outside. When you´re always cold (like me), bring some slippers too.

3. Underwear & socks

One pair for every day + 1 extra if something, so when you´re going for 7 days, you´ll be bringing eight. I personally bring swimsuit wherever I´m going, you never know what aquapark or wellness will appear. Or maybe you will just be in one room with someone foreign.

4. Personale care products

Fragile items and personal care products should be placed in a padded fabric case, and kept in the center of your luggage so they’re surrounded by all of your clothes. Small bottles of perfume should be kept in zip-able freezer bags just in case they leak – you don’t want to reek of your favourite scent the whole time you’re traveling. In fact, it’s smart to pack any creams inside those bags too to be on the safe side. Remember that if you’re flying, any liquids or gels have to be packed into travel-sized containers and stored within a clear plastic bag in your checked luggage. The most forgotten thing is usually a tooth brush and deodorant, so don´t forget them!

5. Other stuff

  • passport / ID card
  • money, credit cards, health insurance cards
  • flight ticket
  • hotel reservation ticket
  • map
  • phone
  • charger
  • adapters for different plugs
  • earphones
  • camera and its charger, tablet, laptop
  • a little pillow, blanket
  • magazine or a thin book
  • hand sanitizer or wt wipes
  • tissues
  • when you´re traveling over night, you should bring a tooth brush, soap and tooth paste with you
  • sunglasses
  • don´t forget sunscream and lip balm
  • nail file, little scissors
  • hair brush
  • towels (in hotels are usually towels but you never know…)
  • hairdryer
  • a little mirror

It´s only on you what will you pack, these are only my tips, what I always pack. I hope the last part, The other stuff, helped you because a lot of people forget those things 🙂


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