Where to stay in Siófok? La Riva Hotel és Étterem

Hello everybody!

Siófok is a Hungarian city with rich nightlife and many parties and summer festivals. But what would you do there if you didn´t have any place to sleep in? I visited Siófok last month during Easter time and slept in one amazing hotel called La Riva. I stayed there 4 nights and even after that had no complaints about anything. So if you´re looking for a great hotel in the center of action, La Riva Hotel is there just for you.

First thing you have to know is that it´s located on a main promenade next to Balaton where are in the season big parties whole night every night so it´s not very quiet at all. When you want to visit Siófok with a family, either choose another hotel or go there off-season (such as me, one week before opening). Car park is behind the hotel so you can comfortably get right in the front of the front door in a car. To a Balaton you have just few steps through a garden and that beach is actually really good with everything what a good beach has to have. For a location I would give 5/5, because it´s really near everything.

The hotel has 3*, but because it´s brand new renovated inside so it should have even more. Quality of everything for this price was great, so for a price/quality I would give 5/5.

As I have said before, in the summer you won´t really be able to sleep there (one of the biggest clubs is next to this). So if you want to sleep good, this is not a hotel for you, believe me. On the other hand, beds were comfortable, bed clothes were new and clean and mostly…beds were LONG. Usually when I visit hotels, half of my legs are over the edge of bed because I´m really tall. So that was another plus for me. So now will here be 2 ratings: one for a sleep quality off-season and one for the sleep quality in-season. For a sleep quality off-season I would give 5/5, but for a sleep quality in-season I would give 1/5 (regarding to reviews I read and my aunt´s stories).

Rooms were big, clean, every one had balcoon (mine was turned to Balaton), TV (some have 2 TVs), bathroom, wifi connection, outlets and fridge. The only thing I would say is that bathroom was quite small and you had problems to move (two people wouldn´t even stuck there). So for rooms I would give 4.5/5.

The hotel was very clean, it made me feel comfortable. You could call room service any time you want, halls were cleaned everyday. For a cleanness I would give 5/5.

Food. Ah, my favourite part. In the price are included breakfasts and dinners, but you can also manage to have lunches too. For a breakfast you could choose from a lot of different meals, it was managed thorugh buffet tables. Drinks were there, too. For a possible lunch you could choose anyting because in the hotel is also a restaurant for outside guests (that´s why is in its name ,,és étterem” – ,,and restaurant”) and for a dinner you could choose from 3 meals (or if you had money you could order anything that way as on lunch). Food quality was REALLY good, it wasn´t even expensive as you could think. So for food I would give 5/5.

Services of the staff were fine, as I mentioned before you could call a room service anytime you want. Employees were friendly, patient to tell you anything about Siófok (and Balaton) and knew at least two languages: English and German. For the services I would give, as always, 5/5.

In the hotel is also a wellness with three saunas, one salt-mine, showers, deckchairs and a large whirlpool. Usually are whirlpools small, just for 4 or 5 people, but into this one could get even 10 people. It had some bubble massages (two types) and it was greaaaat aah. I think you couldn´t order any massages, I didn´t see any price lists. In the front of the hotel is a terrace with a restaurant, on the opposite side of a road is a Subway buffet and all around are clubs, kebabs and another fastfoods.  Road is bordered with trees so it looks really pretty in late spring/summer. When I was there, there weren´t many trees with leaves so the first photo is not mine, it´s downloaded from Google 🙂 Others are mine but they were taken with my old phone so they don´t look that fabulous.



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