Hello everybody!

Do you like lavenders? I love them to be honest. I think they are (along with orchids) the prettiest flowers to be found. Recently when I was in Hungary (okay it was not so recently), I visited one small town called Tihany which is famous mostly because of lavender. Everywhere are lavender shops and basically is the town full of these nice flowers. But it hasn´t got only this, it´s got way more interesting things you will find and even more reasons why to visit. In my opinion is THIS the most beautiful town of Hungary. You will see why.

Tihany is located near the biggest puszta lake in Central Europe – Lake Balaton on a small Tihany peninsula where are also located two small lakes near the biggest Balatoni town Balatonfured. From Zámardi on the other side to Tihany comes a cheap raft even for cars so you can use it while going there.

It isn´t difficult to find parking lot because this town is made for tourists – a lot of car parks are on every step. They are paid but it´s surprisingly not a high price, around 150Ft an hour. All the car parks (except one located near the shore) are in the city center, so you can actually use any direction you want. In the middle is church (with paid entry) next to which is a tourist information center where you can get maps and all the information you need for free. Here are also some museums, old architecture and nice coffee spots. Near church is a hill with a Calvary and amazing view. From a piazza around is great view to Balaton too, you can find even some binoculars but they are also paid. Down in the town is a lot of small narrow streets with even more lavender and paprika shops. It all smells superly good and when visiting you just can´t leave it without buying at least one lavender scented pillow or something like that. There are really sooo many shops (with handmade clothes too) and also restaurants and cafés, I won´t explain them exactly. You will like it all, I promise.

When you have free day around Balaton, certainly visit Tihany, you won´t regret it. It´s not really a town for sightseeing because it´s not so big, but when you don´t want to be whole day sunburning on crowded beach in other Balaton city, go there. You will find something interesting for you, everyone does. For me it was just that…great atmosphere. Even if there were some irresponsible drivers on a main road leading through the town, I liked it and everyone that was around liked it too. It´s not a destination for a whole day trip, maybe just half day. But during that half day you won´t be boring, you will get everything right in time 🙂

Also!! On June 25-26th takes place in Tihany Lavender festival where I was last year and it was very interesting and original. I´m attending again this year, it´s all free 🙂


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