Hello everybody!


I started this blog exactly one year ago. Isn´t that amazing? I was thinking about creating blog for such a long time, maybe since 2012 or 2013. But I didn´t have courage to do it. But last year I have finally decided and now I´m here, with more than 1400 followers and a loooot of written articles.

This page came through a lot. It changed design few times, changed names etc. The most harsh times were first three months when nobody visited it and I was like Will I give it up? Or should I continue? I decided to continue and you know what? I don´t regret it. I´m happy I have this page where I can write all my experiences, reminiscences, things I make in my kitchen and more random stuff I just sometimes think of due to the boredom.

So I´m really thankful to everyone who reads my articles, likes them and continues reading all the new ones ❤

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