Spa Hévíz

Hello everybody! ,,The town of Heviz is located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in Mid-Western Hungary, at 6-kilometers distance from Keszhely. Budapest can be reached with a 2-hour drive, FlyBalaton is in the immediate neighbourhood. The famous town of spas is surrounded by hills, enjoying a unique Mediterranean microclimate, with many wind-still and […]

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Pudingos cake

Hello everybody! One another cake suitable for traveling I really like is a Hungarian cake Pudingos. As you can see from its name, it will have something to do with pudding, or no? But it´s not a common chocolate pudding buti its more amazing and sweet and cocoa version. You will see. I said it´s […]

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Spring in Siófok, Hungary

Hello everybody! Siófok is one of the most beautiful towns around Hungarian lake of Balaton. Even though you might find it scary in the winter time when are there no leaves on branches, in spring when everything blooms it´s really pretty. I visited Siófok last month, when there weren´t many leaves on but on the […]

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5 reasons why to use bike

Hello everybody! Many of you will surely agree that bicycle is no longer that popular as it used to be. I start a bit cliché, but I´m thankful for having a honor to spend quality childhood on the streets with all what belonged to it, mostly the bicycle. But the older I am, the less […]

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Hello everybody! Do you like lavenders? I love them to be honest. I think they are (along with orchids) the prettiest flowers to be found. Recently when I was in Hungary (okay it was not so recently), I visited one small town called Tihany which is famous mostly because of lavender. Everywhere are lavender shops […]

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Prague – Day 3

Hello everybody! Because I´m a good cook (maybe even a chef haha), we managed to have the greatest breakfast ever. Then we took metro, some tramways and after such a long time finally arrived to the Prague ZOO. We bought a map (yes, you do have to buy a map but it´s not that expensive) […]

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Hello everybody! Hooray! I started this blog exactly one year ago. Isn´t that amazing? I was thinking about creating blog for such a long time, maybe since 2012 or 2013. But I didn´t have courage to do it. But last year I have finally decided and now I´m here, with more than 1400 followers and […]