RegioJet Trains

Hello everybody!

Have you ever been thinking about getting to some place without car and, mostly, without headaches from uncomfortable sitting in the bus? Then try the sleeping wagon. You will spend the night comfortably on the bed, get free water, fine breakfast (tea, croissant, coffee) and also be able to order food in case you´d be hungry.

Trains of RegioJet start journey in every bigger town and all of them offer all these things to you. And even more. You have free wi-fi, charger stations, toiltes, bathrooms, blankets, pillows, air conditioning etc. Even if you don´t have such a big space there, you don´t need 10 square meters for good sleep, no?

Rooms can have either 2,4 or 6 beds. When you´re with friends, get the 6, you won´t regret that 🙂

Also, when you want to have a car on the place you´re heading to, car wagon is available too, if you are interested in that, go to RegioJet website or ask someone in your nearest train station.

RegioJet trains can be found in the most of Europe and I would highly recommend them. I traveled once to Prague without car and once to the Netherlands with car and I was really contented both times (actually four times if we count ways back).



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