Rouen, pt. 2

Hello everybody!

I recommend to begin this city tour in front of Notre Dame, because on the opposite side of the road is an information center and you will find it very easily, it´s visible from all sides because the tower (151 meters) is the tallest church tower in France, in the 19th century was even for a time the tallest building in the world. Began to emerge in the 13th century, finally finished in 1880. Beautifully decorated Gothic cathedral conceals heart of the English king Richard the Lionheart, you can find it inside on the left side. When you go behind the altar and get to the right side, do not miss the photo documentation of construction of the cathedral and consequences of bombing in 1944. After six bombs hit, the cathedral was badly damaged but didn´t collapse, even preserved the most beautiful stained glass windows decorated in blue . After the Allied landings were all the bells melted, their remnants are still visible on the floor. Exterior of the cathedral is really impressive, the left tower is mainly in the lower only a bit decorated and bears features of the Romanesque style, the right tower is already Gothic finely worked, called also Butter tower because it was allegedly built on the money of those who ate during Lent meat and greasy and ransomed their sin money.

Facade of the cathedral was immortalized by French Impressionist Claude Monet in the cycle of all 50 paintings, all of them were painted from one place and tried to capture the feeling of the building at any time of day and in any season. Place where the famous painter for over a year and painted is on the square marked, you will find it right in front of the cathedral.

From cathedral you can choose several directions, visitors are about to notice first clock that you will see when you in the front of left tower turn back. Beautiful alley full of interesting shops with products of Normandy will charm you with old timber-framed houses and narrow gate, above which clearly enthrones newly renovated clock that is on both fronts of Renaissance building linking the Old Town Hall and watchtower. Astronomical clock with a diameter of 2.5 m decorates sun with 24 rays, on the top you will see phases of the moon and at the bottom are allegorical figures. Above all sparkle gold sheep as a sign of textiled industry that flourished in the town. In any case, the clock is not only impressive, but also a precise time point from 14th century. When you go underneath it and turn right, you will find yourself in front of a wide and indeed richly decorated Palace of Justice, where you will find signs of bombardment what French leave unreconstructed. When you come to the court, after a quick tour before you discover even richer decorated facade of the palace.


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