Rouen, pt. 1

Hello everybody!

Wanders through Normandy is good to start in the capital of Upper Normandy, Rouen. You can find there pretty cheap and decent acommodation, the most visited sites of Normandy are from there readily available and in addition the town itself is interesting and picturesque. It´s divided into two halfs by the Seine river, and in the middle of river is island, which is uninhabited however. Unforgettable are walks across the narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses, typical for the history is the most famous personality of Joan of Arc, which has just been burned at the local square. The city is full of monuments, some bearing traces of the bombing during WW2.

Rouen was founded in the year 100 the Romans, from the fourth century had been seat of the bishop, after the raid of the Vikings gave the French King the city to their hands, so it happened to be the capital of the Duchy of Normandy. In the 13 th century the French captured Rouen again, 200 years later it acquired the English. Actually in war of France with England had been killed in 1431 Joan of Arc. In the mid-15th century gained finally the French Rouen again. In the 19th century was Rouen controlled by the Prussians for one year and from 1940 until 1944 was occupied by the Germans. As the allies planned to disembark in 1944 just on the coast of Normandy, it didn´t avoid its heavy bombing, whose traces can be seen even today. It can be said that the French could fix the city long ago, but somehow they can´t forget his longtime rival Britons the indiscriminate bombing, although in benefit of a good cause, and infamous sites of destruction leave still alive.

I will add the photos continueously, so don´t try to look for an extra sense between them.


2 thoughts on “Rouen, pt. 1

  1. I’ve seen lots and lots of Gothic cathedrals in my life, lots in France, Britain, Italy , the Netherlands or Germany, but this looks wonderful from all sides. I wonder what it looks like inside though. Have you managed to take a photo or two inside too perhaps?

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