Prague – Day 2

Hello everybody! After a long, great sleep (and waiting for others because they aren´t morning birds like me) we got ready to head out for breakfast and to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Prague, radio tower Petřín. From a tramway station Újezd are two ways to go up to the hill. Either you […]

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Prague – Day 1

Hello everybody! So on Thursday evening we managed to take on the train from our small town, in one city we got into another one with beds (RegioJet Trains) and on the next morning we were on the Prague main station. Really fast recapitulation of that night in train though. We took our suitcases and […]

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Prague in 3 days – diary

Hello everybody! Backpacking trip with train just with few of your best friends – dream of every traveler. Some weeks ago me and my friends decided to visit one and only, unique Prague. We spent there 3 whole days (left our town on Thursday afternoon and came back on Monday afternoon) and had great time […]

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Earth Day 2016

Hello everybody? Do you treat your place on this Earth right? Or do you throw away litter on each place you step on? Thinking environmental is good not only for the planet, but also for you, you´ll become more organised and healthier at all. And also, did you know these facts about Earth Day? The […]

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RegioJet Trains

Hello everybody! Have you ever been thinking about getting to some place without car and, mostly, without headaches from uncomfortable sitting in the bus? Then try the sleeping wagon. You will spend the night comfortably on the bed, get free water, fine breakfast (tea, croissant, coffee) and also be able to order food in case […]

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Rouen, pt.3

Hello everybody! From the Palace of Justice is now just on a jump to the Place du Vieux Marché, where in 1431 was burned Joan of Arc. Square isn´t created by empty open space as if you expected. In the middle is Church Jeanne d’Arc, built in 1979. On his place stood another church once […]

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Rouen Cathedral

Hello everybody! Here was written a long post, I have no idea why it has disappeared, and because I don´t know what did I write there (I don´t pre-write articles), I just reupload all the photos again 😦

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Rouen, pt. 2

Hello everybody! I recommend to begin this city tour in front of Notre Dame, because on the opposite side of the road is an information center and you will find it very easily, it´s visible from all sides because the tower (151 meters) is the tallest church tower in France, in the 19th century was […]

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Rouen, pt. 1

Hello everybody! Wanders through Normandy is good to start in the capital of Upper Normandy, Rouen. You can find there pretty cheap and decent acommodation, the most visited sites of Normandy are from there readily available and in addition the town itself is interesting and picturesque. It´s divided into two halfs by the Seine river, […]

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